Friday, October 12, 2018

More poems brought to you by Kids!

I may have to institute a new playdate and sleepover policy that requires every child entering the condo to write a poem before leaving. Normally, I would place some books of poetry on the table and let the kids find poems that inspire them but today I selected a poem and asked the boys to create a similar poem. The results are Ah-Mazing! I ❤️kid-created poetry.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cross Country - Archers Invitational

Dang! Hen was on track to have his best time yet and then the group he was running with made a mistake and repeated a section of the course they shouldn't have. Nuts. The upside is that Hen is learning the importance of knowing the course beforehand. He still got his second best time of the season with a pace of 7:47 per mile, and the PJA boys team took third overall. It was a beautiful day to run. 

Monday, October 08, 2018



This resonated with me:
"As senators who represent a shrinking portion of the population prepare to confirm a justice more Americans oppose than support, who was nominated by a president for whom most of the electorate did not vote, the crisis of American democracy comes into sharp relief. Whatever their self-perception, Republican control of the three branches of government is countermajoritarian. With the guardrails of separated powers broken, the last remaining defense for American democracy and the rule of law is the electorate itself." --Click here for the full article.
The only thing that will save us now is if people vote.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Cross Country - Cornerstone Christian

Another untimed meet so I don't have pace info but Hen was 3rd for his team and 10th overall. It was raining. It was cold. The kids ran like none of that mattered.
Photo by Coach Erika

(From left to right: Coach Erika, Gilly, Beren, Sadie, Niomi, Gautum, Kabir, Ethan, Jonathan, Henry, Jonah, Sanna, and Amelia)

Friday, September 28, 2018

Cross Country - Southwest Christian Invitational

Slowest pace of the season, coming in at 8:08 per mile, but he's out there effortlessly running. I wonder what would happen if he actually felt the drive to compete. How fast could this lil' fart of mine fly if he gave it all he had?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Cross Country - Caitlin Gabel Handicapper

I am impressed with this team. Everyone is supportive and kind and encouraging, it's a great group of kids. And Coach Erika is doing a great job of training them so they can be successful runners. Today's easier course made a difference for all of the kids. Everyone was running faster. Hen's pace was 6:52, he shaved almost a minute per mile. He likes to run.

Parental Zombie Apocalypse

Summer 2018 Faux Movie Camp production now available for viewing!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Summer movie premiere!

(from left to right) Avery, Mia, Alice, Eliav, Owen, Henry, Elliot, and Emory
I got to craft up my front door and knit a zombie and bake!
Here are a couple interesting tidbits about this summer's movie:
-All of Hen's Oregon cousins have roles in the movie.
-The movie has two of Hen's good buds from preschool.
-Avery is Hen's oldest non-related friend on set.

-20% of the fifth grade class at Hen's school participated in the movie.
-The movie is a whopping 18 minutes 34 seconds long, including the trailer.

Roll out red carpet & decorate theatre entrance ✓

Create movie poster with help from the kid ✓

Use scrapbook paper and the kid's bubble letters for sign ✓

Attempt to nab shot of cast ✓

Display handmade craft services sign with handmade knit zombie ✓

Use zombie sign from thoughtful sister-in-law for ambience ✓