Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Summer 2018, week eight - pictorial

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies! - Elliot ate almost an entire 1/2lb box of See's Chocolates (minus the two or three he shared with Hen and Alice)

Dillon and Hen at Sliders PDX - burgers, yo!

Dillon and Hen at the pool

Ran into Logan from The Annoying Squirrels at New Seasons - Hen's legs look crazy long

Eliav and Hen at soccer camp

Hen, Dillon, and Eliav

All day UK International Soccer Camp

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

My accountant wants to help me shirk my civic responsiblities

"0% Capital Gains Rate? The Tax Cut and Jobs Act passed at the very end of 2017 created a lot of new tax planning opportunities.  Are you aware that the Act included an often overlooked section which section provides taxpayers with an incentive for investing capital in opportunity zones across the country. Under the program, taxpayers may reinvest capital gains from other investments into an Opportunity Zone. This investment provides temporary deferral or permanent exclusion of the capital gains tax if the investment remains in a Zone for a required period of time."
Capital gains already receive favorable tax rates. But did you catch it? "temporary deferral or permanent exclusion of the capital gains tax"
If you can reinvest your capital in a specific zone for a certain amount of time, you can get out of paying any capital gains tax.
It's pretty clear who this benefits. Those with money can legally shield their gains so they don't pay any tax. This is bullshit.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Summer 2018, week seven - pictorial plus

Summer 2018 Week Seven - Another week spent close to home - sleepover with Elliot (with poetry writing!), Fortnite, Dairy Hill for ice cream, swimming at the Sellwood Pool, making slo-mo and time lapse videos, playing basketball, going to an actual video rental store and having a movie night with friends (Ready Player One), LEGO package massages to find the desired just-released Harry Potter minifigures (much success!), pastries and drinks at the park followed by Fortnite at Elliot's, and finished script writing for this summer's faux film camp.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Recreating a picture with kids

We probably could have gotten to the same location but technically the area has been closed off and it was hot so me and Amber didn't really feel like trekking a lot longer than necessary. We may have to in the fall when it isn't so hot, though, because we came close but the recreated pics are still too obviously taken at different locations. Similar, sure! But not close enough. It was fun to get the kids together, though. After we were done with our picture taking, we took the kids over to the pool to cool off.


Didn't help that the sun was directly overhead

Close but that goshdarn tree

The Great American Read

The Great American Read has cool downloadable posters, memes, facts, and quotes that are all available online. I love them all but these are a few of my favorites. The posters are a hi-res 18"x24" size. I'm thinking a selection of three or four of them framed and hanging on the walls of the condo would be lovely. The "It's not hoarding if it's books," is perfect for me. (If you saw all of our bookshelves in our home, you'd understand.) And the Alzheimer's fact is, well, more important now that I'm nearly 18 years older than I was when we moved into the condo. 18 years, ya'll! You can check out all the other things online here.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Summer 2018, week six - pictorial

Cooper Mountain Nature Park, listening for birds


Rose City Road Trip 2018, Newberg training session

Another Cousin Mia sleepover with swimming at the Sellwood Pool

Miss Avery's in the house, now with log on head

Lincoln City annual summer beach day

Pip's Original Donuts with milk and crossword puzzles

Kids love books!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Summer 2018, week five - pictorial

Dinner with the Neitzel and Platts clan
Visiting brunch bug
Monsieur Hen and Miss Josie

LEGO building whilst watching H. P. movies

Annual Frog Lake camping with these jokesters

Preschool buds

Glowstick light play #1

Glowstick light play #2

Glowstick light play #3

Morning gun game

Second night shenanigans

Morning cup o' coffee with bourbon cream

Fortnite with Matt

Underwater kids - Hen and Matt

Underwater kids - Cousin Gavin