Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday night on Hawthorne

I have been craving Pho* for a while and when I IM'd Darr at work earlier this evening he was up for a trip to Pho Van, the only Vietnamese place I've tried in town, not counting Silk, which is owned by the same people. With a quick jump on the bus for him, and a short car ride for me, we met at the Pho Van on Hawthorne to partake of their tasty food. Our dinner, which I heartily recommend, consisted of Cha Gio (crispy rolls with ground pork, shrimp, glass noodles and a side of some sauce I didn't try but Darr did - he said it's sweet) and Pho Bo Tai nam (beef noodle soup with round steak and flank). It was so fantastically wonderful. And reasonably priced, too. If you have your own hankering for soup, this is definitely the place to go.

After we consumed more than we should have, we left for a short stroll down Hawthorne. Unfortunately, Fred's Sound of Music was about to close so we didn't go in but we did hit American Apparel. I now understand how parents get sucked into buying crap for their kids all the time. We aren't even officially parents yet - our kid is still hibernating - and I got sucked into purchasing an ├╝ber cute baby blue zip-up hoody with a kelly green zipper (size 3-6 months for the cold winter months at the condo). The R.A. is going to look very fashionable in this thing when he's tucked warmly into his kelly green Bugaboo stroller.

*Please pardon my lack of accents on all restaurant names and food-related items. I didn't have time to track them down as my battery was running low. (Currently at 22%)


Darren said...

American Apparel. Trendy trendy trendy. We're hipsters. Honest.

christie said...

Our kid will be. I didn't buy anything for us.