Saturday, July 14, 2007

Voting results

A few days ago we posted our first entry that actively sought reader participation to help us determine if we should buy or not buy a pair of Bobux shoes for the Resident Alien. I was firmly ensconced on the buy side, Darren on the don't buy side.

The votes are in and I win. Woohoo! And thanks for your votes.

It's better this way, as Darren, I'm sure, will take the loss much better than I might have given my inability to accept the argument that the shoes were too expensive when the price tag was a measly $26 (+ $2 shipping and handling). Lest anyone think I am crazy with the spending, let me say that today I pre-ordered a baby book that is on sale for $12. The other one I was considering buying was $68. This means a savings of $56 bucks. And because we are having a boy, we'll be saving money on the child's wardrobe; there just aren't as many cute outfits for boys as there are for girls.

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