Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fun, fair & organic

I stumbled upon a small article in a vendor magazine (that I perused during a particularly slow day at the boutique last Sunday) that highlighted a relatively new (circa 2003) clothing line for babies and toddlers called speesees. I have already purchased a pair of the new yoga pants for the Resident Alien, but the more I check out the site, the more things I want. First of all, the cotton used in the clothing is organic - always a plus. Second, the employees at the factory in India are paid living wages and a percentage of the proceeds go to support the local orphanage - who doesn't like supporting orphans? Third, the dyes are low-impact and herbal-based - I am in no way suggesting anyone should try to smoke the clothing, just in case that's the direction my pot-smoking readers, if there are any, are headed. Fourth, the prices are totally reasonable. And finally, the stuff is ├╝ber cute! (See pic below to confirm this claim.) Things I am restraining myself from buying include the 'kid natural animal kimono, the dandelion kimono in grass, and the human bodysuit. That, and all of the stuff on the kid in the following picture, including the booties. Cute. Cute. Cute.

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Leah said...

I agree! I love this brand. I picked up an orange speesees friend at an all organic boutique in Berkeley. It's filled with lavendar and makes the sheets smell lovely and restful. I highly recommend!