Tuesday, August 07, 2007

No longer a ballgame virgin

Thanks to Darr's employer we spent the evening at PGE Park watching the Beavers take on the Memphis Redbirds. The Beavers did not display a high level of baseball skill - I can only assume they were having an off night. There were multiple opportunities for double plays that just didn't pan out, and one time when #7 (yeah buddy, we blame you) forced a run to second base that ended with two outs for our team. <tsk, tsk> Needless to say, we did not win but I was able to snap a few pics to memorialize the event.
Welcome to PGE Park

On our way into the stadium

Our drinks - Darr's on the left, mine on the right

Can't catch a ballgame without consuming peanuts

Count the boy butts

Game over


Jen said...

oh, sad, we almost went last night :) Were the people in the stands making fun of Ferris the first baseman? We got him really mad on Monday :P

christie said...

If he's #33, then yes. The whole team seemed sort of lethargic and uninterested. It was cool, though, 'cuz Darr's company had a seating area on the field (behind first base) with access to free beer. I couldn't partake so Darr drank for the both of us. :)

Megan said...

So funny that you went! Mom, dad, and brother went as well! They were in a box but I would have had them hollar at you to say hi! Next time....

christie said...

We saw them! Your mom caught Darr on his way back from the men's room and then we had a chat after the game on our way out of the stadium. They must have decided to sit with the common folk this trip because they weren't up in any boxes. Good thing, too. The game wasn't worth paying extra money for better seats.