Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pregnancy & Childbirth 101: Breasts and a business opportunity

Darr's Canadian relatives are in town tonight so I flew solo at the last of our birthing classes. I learned how to hold the Resident Alien like a football, how to squeeze my breast to facilitate the flow of milk, and that breast milk produced when smoking marijuana is nine times more potent than the pot that you smoked before you pumped. Nine times.

Um, I watch Weeds. Does anyone else see the potential here? I mean, nine times more potent. That's a significant increase. I'm betting the market has not been flooded with pot-laden breast milk. And I'm just as sure there are diehard pot smokers that would love to try this stuff. Get high and satisfy your hunger at the same time! It's pure genius, I say.

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Cathy said...

Did they tell you it wouldn't hurt? Because it does. It gets better as weeks go on, but it does hurt in the beginning. At least from what I've expereinced and 4 out of 4 friends who have also nursed their babes agree.
It's not a horrible pain, and it works out to be worth it afterall, but we were all just shocked because people kept telling us it wouldn't hurt.