Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Secret Lives of Fortunate Lives

This book gets a rating of 5.5. Yeah, I feel the appropriate level of embarrassment for having spent any time of my life at all reading this book. But sometimes you go to Powells and you're perusing the aisles and you grab a book and even though you don't really pay attention to what it is that you've grabbed you make your way to the counter to pay and the book is still there so you buy it and eventually you read it. The book is written using non-taxing vocabulary and familiar, i.e., cliché, plot lines. The fortunate wives of Hunting Hills put up with a great deal from their philandering husbands. They are Stepford-wifish in their perfection. But (surprise, surprise) there is something amiss in this idyllic setting. (Yeah, like the author's reference to L.L. Bean as a high-end clothing line for nature folks.) If you can find any other book on the shelf, read it instead.

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