Saturday, August 04, 2007

WTF?: Expanded authority

I thought I was misreading when I went to the NY Times web site and read the following headline Spying Measure Advances in Congress with this explanatory blurb:
"The Senate approved a measure last night to broaden the White House's wiretapping authority; the House was expected to take up the measure today."
I'm sorry. What? What is going on? Why is the Senate giving the president expanded powers? Hasn't he already proven himself unworthy of having such power and untrustworthy of using said power in a just and responsible manner? Why can't the Senate's response be reasoned instead of always bowing to the fear machine that is this current administration. I cannot think of a reason Dubya needs zero judicial oversight to protect us. Not one. I'm angered by the Democrats seeming lack of any spine whatsoever to stand up to the man at the helm and tell him, "No, until you stop acting like a petulant child, we aren't giving you anything. Know that should anything happen because you refused to compromise, the damages will rest on your shoulders. It will be YOUR failure, not ours." When are people going to learn that we cannot sacrifice our freedoms under the guise that by doing so we are somehow safer. We aren't. If I can't make a phone call or send an e-mail without having it monitored, then I am no longer free. And this makes the whole great experiment that was America fail for everyone. I'm disgusted and I'm going to contact my House representatives to express my displeasure. If you are an Oregonian and would like to do the same, your representatives are:
David Wu
Greg Walden
Earl Blumenauer
Peter DeFazio
Darlene Hooley
Click here to find your representatives if you live outside the great state of Oregon.


B. E. Busby said...

It's particularly sad that the Dems just rolled over for this one... after trying to keep warrantless spying to 15 days before a FISA review, they've cut loose a bill with a 120 day delay, which is unconscionable. It looks like the House might have a bit more backbone.

I never thought I'd be cheering Nancy "I need a bigger plane" Pelosi along, but I'm hoping the atmosphere in the Democratic majority of the house is the same colour as on my planet.

I wonder how the presidential candidates in the Senate voted -- that's an important shred of litmus for me.

B. E. Busby said...

Argh. This "Protect America Act" (S.1927
Title: A bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to provide additional procedures for authorizing certain acquisitions of foreign intelligence information and for other purposes) thing was Senate vote 309, the roll call results of which have NOT been posted ("within the hour" HA!) on the senate site. The house has their votes posted; both Pelosi and Eshoo (our rep) voted yes! Spineless gits, all of 'em.

Now it seems Hillary is causing grief for her campaign by refusing to forgo lobbyist donations, proffering this lame quote:
"A lot of those lobbyists, whether you like it or not, represent real Americans, they actually do," Clinton said, drawing boos and hisses from liberal bloggers at the second Yearly Kos convention.

I really hope Obama did not vote for S1927 -- that would make the ruination of this race complete for me. Yuck.

christie said...

The only dumbass from Oregon that voted for that thing was the Republican Greg Walden. I'm proud to say Portland's representative, Earl Blumenauer, along with the other three Dem reps all voted nay.

B. E. Busby said...

Whew -- while the whole Senate's voting record for vote 309 is not yet posted, Obama's senate page says he voted Nay. I'm much happier now.

Congrats on having Earl on your side.

In the interests of full disclosure, I was once involved in the subject "industry" and found something else to do after getting thoroughly disgusted. There's a reason I like Phil Zimmerman and PGP (and its follow-ons).

Sorry for the serial ranting -- this one touched a nerve or three. I'll make this post my sign-off.

christie said...

Holy schnikes, you were a cog in the political wheel?! If it isn't too embarrassing or won't lead to any possible investigations or inquiries, might I ask what position you held or how you were involved?

B. E. Busby said...
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