Saturday, September 29, 2007

The great diaper pail debate

Should we buy the...

Diaper Dekor Plus?
To use this pail you step on the pedal and throw in the dirty diaper. It has a triple seal to prevent odors and germs from escaping. And it holds up to 46 diapers per bag or about 590 newborn diapers per refill.

Or the

Diaper Genie II?
You can reportedly dispose of diapers using one hand while holding the baby with the other. It has an order barrier film and a clamp to lock in odors. An added bonus, the diaper only touches the film so there is no need to clean the pail.

Or the

Baby Trend Diaper Champ?
With a convenient one-hand design that locks in odors. And most appealing, no special bags to buy.


Cathy said...

PreKids - I had used the Diaper Genie I with my nieces and nephews and hated it. Rumor has it the Diaper Genie II is totally redesigned and not so bad. We have the Diaper Champ and we Love it about as much as you can Love a garbage can. The flip action is nice and does a good job of keeping the odors in. And I think since it's so simple (the flip) there's less of a chance of it breaking or not working so well after so many years. We like that it takes regular bags - but man oh man - it smells when you go to change the bag, but I'm assuming that would happen with all of them.

B. E. Busby said...

My choices:

1) The Playtex thingy, film & all
(a built-in garbage bag)

2) The Diaper Dekor+

3) Champ

The Champ is a little scary for Beaut -- it looks like a giant fireplug, and the idea of soggy diapers in a generic-but-thick grocery bag? That's just asking for grief, methinks.

Noodle said...

Skip the diaper genie. Is a pain and I don't think it works that well...

VDog said...

I really like my new Diaper Genie -- just shove the diaper through, and it's gone. MUCH better than the original (which was a total pain in the ass).
I would rate the DG as #1 in smell prevention.

DD is easy to use, but I don't think it keeps the smell out as well.

DC, at least in my nannying experience and anecdotal evidence from friends, is the smelliest. My friend even keeps theirs outside of the baby's room because of this. But it is easy to use.

christie said...

I'm leaning toward the Diaper Dekor right now. I appreciate all of you weighing in, particularly yours, Bruce. I would not have even considered not buying the Diaper Champ for fear Beauty the wonder dog would mistake it for a fire hydrant. (Although, truth be told, I've never seen her pee on a fire hydrant. Is this only something boy dogs do?) Even with reviews that you can read and comparison shopping sites, it's still hard to determine the best option. My guess is we'll try one and if it totally sucks, we'll move on to the next option.