Sunday, September 09, 2007

What has to be our next car

So, we need something big enough for the baby seat. My brother-in-law had the same problem a year ago and bought a BMW 325. Then traded it in for a Saturn Vue (one of those small-to-mid-size SUV things). He decided that wasn't big enough so now he's got himself a Chevy Tahoe. He looks like (a very nice) Tony Soprano driving around in that thing, I swear.

Anyway, this is what Christie & I want for our baby car: The Mini Clubman!

Check out these pics!

And plenty of space:

This is so awesome.


christie said...

I already e-mailed the folks at Rasmussen Mini to see if we could put down a deposit and get our names on the waiting list. Woohoo! A motoring we will go...

Noir said...

Sheesh, why not just buy a motorcycle and attach a covered sidecar already?!??!

I saw a family of five travelling that way when I visited Bangkok two years ago. Two adults and a child on the motorcycle part, one large child and another small one in the sidecar. Think that's tricky? You should see a family of four on a scooter.... with their groceries.

On second thought, buy an SUV. At least you won't have anything to worry about when some suburban soccer mom spills her latte into her lap while juggling a cell phone. Yeah, SUVs are ugly and bad for the environment, but the Resident Alien deserves security from all the other bad drivers out there.