Monday, September 17, 2007

Photo corners and keepsake pockets

On Saturday, the baby journal I ordered for the Resident Alien finally showed up. I love it! It's an adorable journal. (Made by the lady who brought us such hits as Urban Babies Wear Black and Country Babies Wear Plaid.) I have visions of sitting down to record all of the cool baby things the R.A. does so he can one day read about his first days on the planet. Wait, what is that on the cover? What is that? A sticker?
No. That's no sticker. Now, I have never worked in the publishing industry and I can't say I'm privy to the decision making process of those folks who do. But I have to think, had I been present at any of the meetings that led to the creation of this cover, that maybe I would have stopped to ask why, on Zeus's green earth, a journal that chronicles the life of your child and is going to be something the family keeps around forever needs to have a marketing message printed on the FRONT COVER. <insert shaking head here>

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