Monday, October 22, 2007

All systems go

The first 24 hours of life for lil' Henry were a wee bit rough but it's all systems go now. He's furping and barting like a pro, and has, since Saturday, been introducing us to the various types of poo that come out of newborn babies. Who knew there was such variety, eh?

On the breastfeeding front, milk has landed at Life at the condo and oh holy Zeus are these jugs ginormous! I have read that the boobs should adjust in size once Henry establishes a routine, a point in time we are rapidly approaching. As for using the manual pump, it took two attempts to get it to work and it was worth it. How do I spell "relief"? A-V-E-N-T I-S-I-S M-A-N-U-A-L P-U-M-P. (And yes, I do realize I am dating myself with the reference to the old Rolaids commercial.)


Cathy said...

Oh God! You got the manual pump to work? I tried that (the Avent one, even) and just ended up sending Mike to buy an electric. Smart investment for us, since I had to go back to work when Quinn was 8 weeks.
Glad to here your milk has landed - sounds like, yes, all systems go!

Brian said...

A's boobs have recently been downgraded to from porn star to cantaloupe. Relief is on the way. :D