Friday, October 05, 2007

Current pregnancy stats

  • There are nine days until my due date (October 14).
  • 97% of my pregnancy has passed, there is 3% left to go.
  • I am approximately 80% effaced with zero cervical dilation.
  • The Resident Alien is approximately 20 inches and weighs approximately 6-7 pounds.
  • This week our kid is continuing to grow, but the vast majority of his organs are mature and fully functioning.


Cathy said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

Is there any talk of you being induced? How often are you going to the doctor - once a week?

Hopefully you're not too uncomfortable.

christie said...

No talk of being induced yet. I am hitting the doc's office once a week. I'm not too uncomfortable but I would like it if the R.A. would choose to leave now as opposed to later.