Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This book gets a rating of 2.25. I have only awe for authors that can successfully pull off writing an entire novel -- and keep it interesting -- when the setting for the majority of it takes place in a 24-hour period. Usually, when I pick books up that have this noted on the back cover description I expect there will be some aspect to the story that I'll hate, mainly because I haven't come across too many writers that can do this well. Sándor Márai is one of the gifted who can. If you like dialogue, this conversational novel is the book for you. What makes it more impressive a feat, the majority of the conversation is held by one man. A man who has waited 41 years to address his former friend in his search for the truth.

Embers is a thought-provoking journey into the tangled relationships we survive from youth until our death. It is about love and betrayal, integrity and honor, and hatred. It is about discovering the truth and patience. It is beautifully written, with a rich tapestry of detail - made more clear to me because Darr and I recently went to Vienna and I was able to recognize the various streets and landmarks mentioned in the beginning chapters as places I had visited while there.

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