Saturday, October 06, 2007

Name that food

Whilst perusing our iPhoto library last night we came across a pic of a thwarted attempt at making this particular tasty item.
It occurred to us that it would be somewhat challenging, given our level of failure, for folks to identify what it was that we were in the process of preparing for human consumption. Hence, we bring your our first very exciting round of Name that Food. A game where you, dear readers, try to do just that - review the photo, try to figure out what the hell we were attempting to make, and name that food. The first person to submit the correct answer as a comment gets a prize.


Ms. A said...

Gotta go with bananna fritters.

christie said...

No. But interesting guess. :)

Brian said...

Oh, man. This is wickedly difficult. The things it looks like but which it most likely is not:

* Fried Walrus Intestine with Lingonberry Jam
* Quartered Shar-pei in a Rich Raspberry Barbecue Sauce

Things which I think it is:

* An Affront to God
* Cinnamon Buns

christie said...

Cinnamon buns it is! (A.k.a. an affront to God).

Darr has your e-mail, yes? Expect your prize to arrive post-haste.

Brian said...

Woo-hoo! So were they tasty?

VDog said...

I thought it was something from the BBQ.

Darren said...

Brian - They tasted as good as they looked.