Saturday, July 19, 2008

Backyard bacon dinner

That's right. Bacon dinner. It was the featured menu item and, really, is there any better ingredient than bacon? Seriously, I challenge ye. The inspired dinner plan was created by none other than culinary goddess Ms. A (of McMiller PDX fame). Bacon abounded - from the grilled bacon-wrapped, goat cheese stuffed peaches, to the grilled prosciutto and cheese pizza, and the grilled bacon-wrapped rosemary trout - it was all bacon, all the time. I think we know what we're going to get these folks for Christmas. And, yes, it was all grilled. The McMillers are in the midst of a kitchen renovation so tonight's dinner was done on the barbecue. Throw another shrimp on the bar-b*? No, throw on some bacon. Mmmm.

Truth be told, Henry was more than a little out of sorts and his rather obnoxious, no-afternoon-nap behavior not only made his parents bad conversationalists - I find it damn near impossible to concentrate on anything when the baby is upset, you? - but it eventually rubbed off on Ms. Erin Beatrix, who was completely nonplussed. Sure, the two little tots have known each other since day one (for Henry) and three (for Ms. E.B.) but they still don't see each other that much (this will change when Henry joins Ms. E.B. at daycare) and Henry was all up in her business, playing with her toys, diving unexpectedly into her pool, and even accidentally-on-purpose groping her in the chest region.

As expected Henry was asleep by the time we arrived home and I was able to successfully transfer him from the car seat in the back of the Mini to his crib where he is still currently snoozing. This, I assure you, is no easy feat. Per usual, we were snap happy parents and got some pictures to record the evening's festivities. Many thanks to the McMillers for another delicious meal. We owe you one.

*I totally googled this to see how it was spelled. "Barbie" seems wrong unless I'm actually cooking things on those little anatomically wrong dolls made of plastic. "Bar-bee" seems weird. Is it a bee in a bar? I don't know. So I went with bar-b. What do you think?

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Cathy said...

Bar-b looked fine to me.
Also - I can never do anything at parties when Liam is in a bad mood, especially since his bad mood gets worse if someone els (even Mike) tried to take him for me.