Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Boxes of my stuff

Yeah, I just can't think of a more intriguing title to kick off a post about old boxes of my stuff my parents brought back for me when visiting from Montana than "boxes of stuff". Let's overlook the Milli Vanilli tape - not 8-track, mind you - and the Sweet Valley High books (circa junior high) and be thankful that after many, many years of hanging around the condo nearly naked Orange Blossom's outfit has finally been returned.

Before her clothing was returned, Ms. Blossom sported green and white tights, purple shoes, and a red cape with lace trim.
Now she's festive and bright in her orange and yellow skirt and shawl with matching hat.


Carrie said...

LOVE it.

I used to read sweet valley high as well. did you hear that they're re-releasing them, but in doing so for 'today's generation'... the twins went from a 'perfect size six' to a 'perfect size four'. Sad that of all changes, they found that one to be necessary.

Cathy said...

Oh I used to read Sweet Valley High, and The Babysitter Club books. I think my mom still has all of them - I can picture them all lined up on my bookshelf - I was so obsessed with collecting each one.