Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Return to Zion

Ann, Monsieur Henry, and I returned to Zion National Park today. It is absolutely gorgeous. We arrived early and drove through the park to the Visitor Center where we caught the shuttle. We took the bus all the way to the end of the route and then went for a hike. When the official trail petered out, Monsieur Henry and I left Ann for a few minutes - she was wearing her most excellent pair of running shoes and didn't want to damage them with river water, plus she's planning on coming back with her husband - to go into the Zion Narrows. This is where you're walking in the river and the walls reach up to the sky and are quite, well, narrow. It was AMAZING. I could have walked forever in there. What's not to like about cool red sandstone walls and water? Okay, so yeah, flash floods are bad but since we didn't get hit by one I think that is Mother Nature's way of saying "Hey Christie and Henry, you're welcome here." Darr and I have got to come back here when Henry is a wee bit older because there is much hiking to be done and a plethora of photo opportunities. If you're intrigued and thinking of going yourself, consider arriving at the park early. This accomplishes two things - 1. You can do the hike without being burnt to a crisp by the blazing sun because the trail is shaded by the walls of the canyon until about noon, and B) less crowds.
These sheep sort of freaked me out. Why are they all staring at me?

Just a canyon wall - Henry and I walked through that water.

Heading into the Narrows.

Henry checking out the wall.


Ms. A said...

Hm, do I see the beginnings of a future rock climber in that last picutre?

Mary Jo said...

Hey Christie! Your trip looks awesome. I'm so glad you're all having fun! The bit about the Narrows brought back memories. Tim and I hiked it pre-baby. I think it was 11 hours of wading through water? Totally beautiful, but boy, did my muscles feel it afterwards. We hope to bring Aidan back someday too. Maybe we'll run into Henry when we're there. :)