Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Henry saw the doc again today and she said he looks good developmentally - she also suspects he'll be walking soon, and that his current menu sounds about right. After taking some more measurements and plotting them on the growth chart, she ordered further tests to help us identify what, if anything, is wrong with Monsieur Henry. Upon checking his ears, she did notice the lil' guy was suffering from an ear infection. How do you know that your kid has one of those if he's not terribly fussy? He hasn't been tugging on his ears or leaning his head any weird way. 'Bout the only "change" we've noticed with his behavior is that he's taken a little longer to get to sleep at night but, um, when has that not been the case? Sleeping good, sleeping not so good. The pattern is that there is no pattern. We'll try to be more vigilant. On the upside, Henry is already eating yogurt and the pharmacist told me that that will help with the nasty side effect of the antibiotics he was prescribed. (Nasty = diarrhea. Ewww.) We've been advised not to start Henry on juice as the extra calories are empty calories and not likely to help at all. And the doc would like us to wait on introducing whole milk as apparently that can lead to anemia because it leeches iron out of your system. The test results should be ready later this week, and in two weeks we'll take him back for another weigh in. Until then, we'll be offering everything under the sun we know he likes to coax him into eating more.

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Ms. A said...

What a trooper! Battling an ear infection with aplomb. You are a gentleman, M. Henry.