Monday, December 15, 2008

It's about frickin' time!

After months of waiting and waiting and still more waiting Henry has finally used a sign that is useful: more. It's a finger point to the palm and he only breaks it out after you ask the question, "Do you want more?" Words we're currently working on include "change" and "sleepy".


Amber said...

Ooh... sleepy's a good one.

Congrats on the signing! It's proven to be quite useful here, although Josie now totally mixes up "all done" and "more," which gets a little confusing at times.

And Henry is looking so grown-up to me lately. I hope we're able to see you guys tomorrow!

Ms. A said...


Was that a smudge of chocolate on the lad's face? I'd say "more" to that too!

Darren said...

And that is pudding on his face. He wants more puddin'