Friday, February 13, 2009

To comprehension and beyond!

I was somewhat disheartened when Henry's female peers started signing and saying words well before he showed any inclination of wanting to communicate. Despite his slow start, it's clear he is picking up a lot. His word count is significantly higher than it was a few short weeks ago and he's demonstrating an eagerness to learn more. It's time to buy an ASL book so I can introduce him to the various objects around the house and get words like "bogus" and "awesome" added to his verbal repertoire.


Amber said...

Who needs a stinkin' telephone anyway???

That is seriously awesome. You can only imagine what all of us stupid parents used to do without signs!

Christie said...

Whenever the phone rings Henry will put his hand to his ear and make a little "uh" sound.

I guess we just sat around and blinked at our babies before signing.

Cathy said...

Just as I was saying, "hmmm.... I don't know the sign for ball," Henry yells out, "BALL!"

Very cool signing there, Mr. Henry.