Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Holy schnikes, Disneyland is two days away! Boy howdy that snuck up on me fast. Needless to say, Disney prep is under way. The plane ticket issue (15,000 miles vs. 30,000 miles needed to get half off the fare) has been worked out (in the form of money being returned to the credit card-woot!), our shuttle bus has been selected - and it is a bus so no travel with toddler seat is required, I bought stuff to create our own version of gorp to help sustain us as we march through the land of Disney, and I'm getting laundry done and the house to a reasonable level of cleanliness before we head out. Darr will be enjoying at least one day at the mountain - ski season is upon us, people! But he's committed to getting us to the airport and to be there to pick us up when we arrive home.

In other news, our oven quit on us so I have to stay close to home tomorrow because the repair folks are going to call sometime before 9:30a.m. to let us know the window of time in which they might appear. Great. Also, daycare is closed tomorrow (on a Wednesday?) to observe something (I know it's Veterans Day, don't get your panties in a bunch) and I actually ended up volunteering to watch another friend's kid. Clearly she caught me in a moment of weakness. But I figure with the calamity of errors that has been our life lately, I should take the initiative to build up some good karma. As if that wasn't going to keep us busy enough, my sister-in-law is coming over in the afternoon to work on some decorations for Miss Amels's second birthday, which is rapidly approaching.

Oh, and I just had to stop at the mall this morning to grab a little something for Miss Sofia. Her new parents live out of state so preparing and taking over dinner is out of the realm of possibility but I've found a service, much like Delivered Dish here in P-town, that they can use to order food in the event they become too sleep deprived to whip something up in the kitchen. Good friends don't let their friends cook while sleeping.

So, Internet, how are you doing?


Sara said...

Ok, you guys are having some bad karma lately. I hope that turns around soon!

Cathy said...


Shawn and Becky said...

Disneyland - how can Darren miss it?! I'm sure Henry will be beside himself. My niece went at about the same age and came home with a CD with 'it's a small world' that was on repeat for a good couple years. Have fun!