Friday, November 20, 2009

Not a photography post

This doesn't mean I'm not still practicing because I am but today, the first day in a long while, I went to the theatre and caught not one but two movies. (Henry got an extra day at preschool this week thanks to Veterans Day last week - woot!) My butt actually hurt a bit from sitting so long but this statement is meant to be an observation not a complaint. My movies of choice today were New Moon (yes, the vampire movie from the Twilight series - I was getting in touch with my inner teenager) and The Blind Side, a movie based on the life story of NFL offensive tackle Michael Oher. Both movies were entertaining. Both received relatively lukewarm, if not downright bad, reviews in the NY Times. But I liked 'em. And was excited because for several hours today I didn't do anything but watch movies. I love movies.

In other news, I'm typing on the returned computer which had nearly everything but the hard drive replaced. I actually saved money by going through Apple, who sent it to a third party to be fixed for one flat fee. The ray of sunshine here, no data was lost. But the event scared us enough to purchase two more hard drives so along with Time Capsule, we now have 3 terabytes of memory we're using to back up our machines.

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