Sunday, November 29, 2009

A party for Miss Amels, year two

Get the flash player here:

Photography notes: Shooting was harder than I anticipated because there is a large window in Brother Nick's living room and their kitchen has sliding glass doors. Since the party began at 3p.m. there was still plenty of outside (cloudy) light streaming in, yet there were lights on overhead as well. I kept getting either very yellow or very blue toned pictures. I had to switch the white balance depending on which direction I was shooting, which I did until it grew dark outside and then I just kept the white balance on incandescent. I haven't yet tried shooting in manual mode with the flash. That's next on the list. There are some good shots but I think the pics from Amelia's first birthday turned out better.

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Amber said...

I've had to resort to using the flash when indoors on several occasions (another reason I'm looking at the portrait lens--you seem to be able to get shots with much lower light than I can) and I've been quite pleased. Indoor lighting has been really tough for me but with the flash I can just turn the shutter speed way down and go to town!