Sunday, November 01, 2009

Photography class, also known as My Brain Hurts

Shutter 1/60 Aperture f/3.2 ISO 1600*

Four shots later...
Shutter 1/160 Aperture f/1.6 ISO 1600*

Words like shutter speed, aperture, and white balance are currently clogging up my brain as I spent all day - meaning five hours, minus a half an hour for a quick bite to eat - at a photography class. I still have trouble with the things that don't make sense, like the numbers that run down but actually mean you're increasing something. Ugh. Seriously? But I did get an opportunity to photograph some of Henry's toys in the manual modes to play with the concepts I learned. As I see it, the problem now is remembering what does what and knowing which way to turn the dial to get more/less of whatever setting I'm adjusting. (The exposure composition setting has helpful pluses and minuses to get you moving in the right direction.) Before making the confirmed switch to manual mode, I'm going to play with the aperture priority and shutter priority settings so I can work on getting to understand those items better. In each mode you deal with one setting and the camera does what it thinks would be best with the other setting. I look at this as only having to think half as much when shooting.

*These photos were taken at approximately 5:45 p.m. using only the light from the west-facing window in Henry's room. I was using manual mode at the time. Note the small depth of field 'cuz that's impressive, ya'll.


Dr. A said...

Spoken like a true scientist - only change one variable at a time. Test. Tweak. Repeat.

Amber said...

What a lovely small depth of field you have there, Christie! Very impressive indeed. I kept waking up last night, trying to remember if a higher aperture meant the hole in the lens was getting bigger or smaller. It's sad when a 5-hour long photography class messes with your sleep! I took a bunch of pictures at school today... all in manual mode! And mostly with no flash! I'm so proud, and can't wait to import them to see how they look.

Cathy said...


I want to take a photography class.

Then again, maybe not. =)

Zozopdx said...

I learned in my photography class that photography is way complicated! and re: all those concepts: use 'em or lose 'em! we should all go on a photograpy walk/scavenger hunt!!!!!

Shawn and Becky said...

Great picture - I can't wait to see the pictures as you learn more. Photography classes sound really fun. That's my passion - someday I might make it more than a hobby. A class would be a great place to start. If I could only find the time.