Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes, there was fiddling

My journey into photography continues. Yesterday at brunch me and fellow photographer cohort Amber took part in a mini photo shoot with two families in attendance. I made my initial changes to the settings - ISO and white balance are the first I address, snapped a few photos and adjusted the aperture and shutter, and started shooting. The results were good but needed tweaking, which is just what they got. Let me illustrate the miracle that is shooting in RAW.

Example 1:
Shutter 1/250 Aperture f/1.8 ISO 200
The first thing I did to this pic was crop out dad (a.k.a., Jay). Then I boosted the color using iPhoto's Effects tool. I removed the yellowish tint by adjusting the temperature, sharpened the photo, and increased the contrast to get this...

Example 2:
The same was done when I fiddled with this picture to get this...
As previously mentioned, I love the slightly overexposed look. I love it even more now that I'm learning how to achieve it. If there are any other families in the area that want a picture, I'd love the practice. Have camera, will shoot.

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Shawn and Becky said...

If your ever in Eugene you can always shoot us. Or we can let Cameron and Henry play and you can shoot them if you want a real challenge.