Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookie Exchange 2009

I'm hosting my first ever cookie exchange today. Because Henry was at school yesterday I had time to bake and so I made peanut butter fudge, Nanaimo bars, and stained glass tree cookies. I bought some boxes and food safe tissue paper so folks have a way to cart the goods home once we divvy up all of the loot. I also picked up cheese, crackers, and cured meats to counter the sugar overload we're sure to experience when we have a nibble here and a taste there. Oh, and what cookie exchange is complete without mimosas? (Answer: None.) The only thing I lack is coffee. Darr drinks it during the week at the office but rarely has it at home and I don't drink coffee so, um, unless folks want the Folgers coffee from my parents' visit two summers ago, they're out of luck. Tea and egg nog are available upon request since I'm not sure everyone is up for drinking at ten in the morning.
UPDATE: 8:50am Stacey has dropped by with the first bit o' happiness. I am tempted to have a taste but will satisfy myself with a snack from the kids' bowl of crackers instead.

UPDATE: 12:46pm Success! Monsieur Henry and Cousin Amels are nearly napping and there is a box on my counter loaded with sweet happy cookie goodness. (I almost forgot to fill a box for myself, a situation I happily corrected by pilfering from the other completed boxes.) The haul included the following:
rocky road fudge
chocolate chip cookies
peanut butter fudge
mexican hot chocolate cookies with dulce de leche
Nanaimo bars
almond roca-type toffee (I'll have to get the official name from the baker.)
stained glass tree cookies


Megan said...

It was a most excellent gathering, sans Avery's supreme crankiness and my dazed and confused looks due to lack of sleep (not due to Avery, oddly). Anyway, thanks so much for putting this together and inviting us! We are excited to have many cookies for dessert here at CdT tonight!

Amber said...


Darren said...

I've just tried a couple of things, but I have to say.

Caroline: damn, girl.

Petar & Svetla said...

The cookies look (and I am sure taste) delicious! Merry Christmas and we're looking forward to seeing you in Jan! :-)