Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The savings continues...

Last week I implemented a meal plan and did some field testing at a local supermarket to check out prices. This week, the experiment continues.

organic Braeburn apples: NS $1.79 per lb / FM $1.49 per lb
granulated sugar: NS $5.99 / FM $3.99
buttermilk: NS $0.99 / FM $1.19
organic cereal bars: NS $3.29* / FM $2.27*
spaghetti: NS $2.79 / FM $1.34*
penne: NS $2.79 / FM $1.33*
cake flour: NS $3.29 / FM $3.15
bittersweet chocolate baking bar: NS $3.29 / FM $2.00*†

*sale price
†I bought four bars for a savings of $5.16. $5.16! On chocolate!

We've used 'em in the past but I have a new found love for meal plans. This step alone is saving us money as we are no longer making impulsive trips to the store to satisfy whatever craving we're having. Beyond savings, though, it's nice to have a plan in place and not be trying to remember what is in the cupboards to piece together dinner at the last second. The new meal we're trying this week - pasta with butternut squash and sage. Mmmm...


Zozopdx said...

inspiring! I've found that NS only works money-wise if I shop the sales. both are conveniently located near our house, though; if I lived in your neighborhood I'd be inclined to shop more at NS. I think I need to devise a meal plan. a little planning could save a lot of time, money, and hassle, right?

Christie said...

Zozo - Absolutely! We still do buy a lot from NS. Not only is it so dang handy location-wise, it also carries some of the specialty items (a particular Greek yogurt - mmm) that are must-haves as far as Henry is concerned. So we aren't abandoning that store altogether.