Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday dinner with friends, now served with a cheese course!

I am very thankful we have friends without kids who don't bolt at the first sign of trouble when they come to our house for dinner and the little man decides he does not want to sleep. Jen and Craig came for their very first meal - shame on me for not inviting them over sooner - and stayed long enough to work their way through a pretty exhaustive menu, including (a condo first!) a cheese course! WoohoO! Darr was very excited when I agreed to this as I'm not nearly as much of a cheese fan as he is and so it normally is not something we do. I was sent to the store with a list of cheeses but the New Seasons cheese guy saw me perusing the cheese selections and offered up a suggestion. Since Darr had not specifically identified which sharp cheddar cheese he wanted, I went with the cheese guy. Trust me, I know how weird lamb shanks with oranges and olives sound but it is really tasty. On a side note, I need to remember to butter the sides of the ramekins when making the individual molten babycakes. Otherwise the cake sticks to the side of the pan and won't turn out nicely onto a plate.


Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
Herb roasted zucchini with carrots in a Marsala butter sauce

Rigatoni with garlic bread crumbs

Lamb shanks with oranges and olives

Cheese sampler including Ossau Iraty, Mimolette, and Fromager D'Affinois

Molten chocolate babycakes with homemade vanilla ice cream


Darren said...


Jen said...

Yum is right! Thanks so much, guys, that dinner was a real treat.

MissMVK said...

We discovered D'Affinois a couple of years ago and I swear to you there is not ONE day that I don't want to fall face first into an entire WHEEL of it. It's like cross between Brie and the best damn butter you've ever tasted. Am I wrong?