Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book five: Where or When by Anita Shreve

Total fluff piece that was completely depressing. Frankly, I was expecting more. I loved The Pilot's Wife. This was not nearly as good. But it was an easy read. 5 down, 21 to go.


Amber said...

Are you trying to get all 26 read in January??? :)

On a completely random note (because I'm too lazy to email you separately), I just started my new volunteer position with the kids' soccer club and I got an email from a coach today whose name I totally recognized but couldn't place. Turns out it was your photographer! She must be awfully busy!

Dr. A said...

Christie, It's still January. Slow down!!

Rachele said...

I had the same reaction to both pilot's wife as well as where or when. Anita does have a few other good books but I can't remember the titles of the other ones that I did like. It has been so long since I read books consistently. I find her books very hit or miss, though.

I can identify with the fluff. Your deep readings go over my head. :)