Friday, January 29, 2010


Perhaps overbooked would be a better title. I think in April we'll try to take a break. Some friends recently gave me a hard time when I invited them over for dinner and then told them we were available for such an endeavor in March. Isn't that a month away? Yes, folks, it is. For the next two months we are cooking and baking our way through the weekends with friends (Valentine's weekend excluded). The more I get into cooking, the more I want to make dinner for people. To give you an idea of what a typical (over)booked weekend looks like at the condo, here's our schedule for this weekend:

Friday evening - host dinner for an out-of-town friend (tuck and run, baby!) from college and her new beau (he's totally cute and has an accent - SCORE!)
Saturday morning - host potluck brunch for friends we met in our birthing class (we all live in the neighborhood and have kids of similar ages, plus they're just good people. They didn't even sue when our cat scratched their daughter's face while we were babysitting her.)
Sunday evening - host dinner for Darr's friend from work, his wife (who's awesome, I just met her at the company party), and their two kids
Along with the lime pie I made for tonight, I'll be trying a new 12-layer cake with a cocoa icing that is "just this side of syrup" - yum!
But seriously, is there anyone out there who isn't booking weeks/months in advance?


Rachele said...

Usually I am the person booking out months in advance. The first week of January, I sent out an evite for the last week of February (a neighborhood thing). :(

I am trying to leave a little more time unscheduled now, so that we can be less... rushed. But it is hard. I am used to scheduling by "there is an open slot on the calendar so I can take that time." I am not used to scheduling by "hmm, looks crowded that week, let's look at the next week."

Your food always sounds great. Maybe we need a heathens dinner. :)

Amber said...

Seriously, you guys are the best hosts. As far as inviting people for dinner, we're much more "we don't have much going on tonight, let's see if so-and-so are free!" As much as I teased you about it, I wish I could think farther ahead for entertaining--then it might happen a little more often! How's June look for you guys? ;)

A heathens dinner is brilliant.

Christie said...

Rachele - A Heathens Dinner is an excellent idea! But how would we choose just one dish to prepare?!?

Amber - Methinks ye jest but just in case you're serious, we have the 5th, 6th, and 27th currently open. My nephew's birthday is that month and I won't know until much later what weekend day they plan on having the party so I've blocked out the two weekends that surround his birth date. And we are celebrating our fifth anniversary on the 25/26th.

Rachele said...

If selecting just one dish to prepare is an issue then we can simply have more than one heathens dinner. heh :)

That's me. I'm a Resolver.