Friday, January 01, 2010

Holy crap, it's 2010!

I knew this, of course, because we celebrated the evening with friends. And are still, in fact, trying to get Henry back on schedule since he was up to welcome in the new year. But, really, 2010? How old am I? I guess old enough that one day Henry is going to look at me incredulously and say, "You guys were born in the 1900s?" Yep, it was me and the dinosaurs, Bean.

I was reading up on resolutions and it seems that only about 40 percent of adults even bother making them anymore. The stats don't get any better from there. Studies show that 71 percent of participants kept their resolutions for two weeks, 64 percent for a month, and 50 percent for three months*. So without further ado, here are my 2010 resolutions (such as they are):
  1. My books read per year number has really taken a nose dive since the birth of young Master Henry so I'm going to make a pledge to read more. I'm an English Literature junkie, how can I not? The goal - dare I say it? - 26 books. That gives me an average of two weeks per book. And I'll allow myself some pulp fiction throwaways to gain some ground in the event the latest Thomas Pynchon book slows me down, which it will undoubtedly do.
  2. Stop nail biting. Again. (I start the new decade with seven out of ten nails intact.)
  3. Go on more date nights with my husband.
  4. Master the art of French cooking. (The new Julia Child cookbook should get some good use this year.)
  5. Jog more. Eat less. (Pie excluded, of course. Although I will run for pie.) (Stolen from Ms. Cathy at the Tub.)
  6. Clean up the clutter. (I've already enlisted the help of friend and fellow blogger, Megan, to assist. Pics to follow.)
  7. Develop my photography skills.
Yeah, seven seems good. Don't want to overdo it. What say you, Internet? Got any resolutions for the coming year?

*What studies these are I do not know but these stats were quoted on several news sites so this must be good trustworthy information. If not, well then, my apologies for misleading you. I shall try for four months. If I can go that distance I'll be more than 50 percent better than the 40 percent who participate in this ritual.


Rachele said...

I have been mulling over resolutions in my head. Right now, my resolution is to nail down my resolutions. :)

Megan said...

I don't make resolutions for a New Year, but in general, my goal is to get back to my weight at the start of 2009 and to remember this one thing: I *always* feel better after a dog walk. Always. Just do it. Just do it. Just do it.

Amber said...

Just do it, Megan.

Dr. A said...

Wow. I have no resolutions.
I should think about this. I did hear that even the act of making the resolution, even if it gets broken (which most of them do) still changes behavior.

I think I'll piggyback on your book one. I only read 19 books last year. 19. I used to read 1/week, at least!