Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Julia Child, take 4 - Charlotte Chantilly, Aux Fraises

We might be having leftovers for dinner but that doesn't mean we have to dread having day old dessert. (Okay, does anyone really dread day old dessert?) We didn't even have dessert last night so we would have been having bupkis for dessert tonight. But, since I had a little time and the ingredients, I whipped together Julia's Charlotte Chantilly, Aux Fraises minus the Charlotte part. (I didn't make the ladyfingers, but I did make the raspberry cream. And that's okay because Julia said it was.) The mixture seemed a bit thin, I was a little short on cream. And the strawberries seemed a bit "too liquid" (as I saw it written in her cookbook) so I'm hoping a six-hour stint in the fridge will firm it up a bit. The taste was surprisingly light, which is almost weird after so many American and Canadian desserts that are loaded with nothing but sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

On another food-related note, the weekly meal plan sort of fell to the wayside during the holiday madness but it is back. Our dinner menu this week includes macaroni and cheese, chicken fajitas, baked spaghetti, and Quiche Lorraine (my first quiche!). Anyone want to come over for dinner?

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Rachele said...

I have now done Julia's leek and potato soup as well as the onion soup. Leek and potato was ho hum (it's really a base for other soups and fine but boring on it's own). The onion soup was fabulous, though.

thanks for getting me off my duff with the cookbook. :)

wish we could come for dinner but I am having, um, a challenging week. as in, if you offered rusty ice picks as one of your utensils, that would incent me to come, as sticking that in my eye would be preferable to the sleep I have been getting. (Or not getting, as the case is.)