Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank Zeus they weren't busy

When our dinner guests bailed after catching pneumonia - we're glad they did cancel but sad they're sick - we were left with a quite a bit of food so I suggested another couple who might be around and live close enough to be at our house in time for dinner. And luckily the Wagners were free, although minus two of their members. In a pinch they were over to help us slog through all the food, which included turkey soup and homemade no-knead bread, fennel and orange watercress salad, spring lasagna with prosciutto and asparagus in a b├ęchamel sauce, and 12-layer chocolate cake. Josie and Henry entertained themselves through much of the meal. (Henry enjoyed the soup but did not appreciate the fennel in the salad. "I don't want it, mama.") Both kids were enthusiastic cake eaters. Who isn't? It should be noted that Henry was quite helpful in the kitchen (as evidenced by pic at right). If he wasn't such a good sport, allowing his mom to spend the majority of her day in the kitchen, this meal never would have come together. Many thanks to the Wagners for saving our meal!


B. E. Busby said...

Dear Neptune! (to pick on another random diety):

"I don't want it, mama."

A fully formed, useful and insightful sentence out of the confluence of egg and sperm not so very long ago. Holy Moly -- tempus fidgets, etc.

Amber said...

I'd pay money to have video of his face when you gave him that fennel and stated how clearly he did not like it. He looked at you like you were trying to poison him.

Amber said...

Oops. Totally hit "publish your comment" before I had the chance to say thanks again. Anytime your dinner guests get pneumonia (eek!), you can call on us. :)