Friday, January 22, 2010

You shall not pass

We were just outside Weed, CA. Wednesday night when we hit blizzard conditions and the local highway patrol yahoos forced us to turn around because we didn't have chains or cables. Darr made a valiant attempt to explain to both men that we didn't need those - he's a very good snow/ice driver - but they gave us two options: drive to Weed and hole up at the Motel 6 until the storm passed (an expected 2-day wait) or turn around. Since this was only meant to be a long weekend trip neither option was appealing but it didn't make much sense to spend half our allotted time at a hotel so we turned around. What's most disappointing is that we don't get to see our friends, Petar and Svetla, and their little one, Baby Sofia.


betty said...

Having once encountered mutant low-life plumbers from hell in Weed, I'd say you made a good choice in avoiding the Motel 6. Can you say "Norman Bates"?

Zozopdx said...

that SUCKS. would it have helped to flash his Canadian passport????