Sunday, February 07, 2010

Brunch, part seven

We were a little light on members today - the SBs are celebrating an anniversary and the Gors have a sick kid - but brunch was still a rousing success. Folks were so hungry I didn't even have time to capture a shot of the food, only one of the destruction afterward. The theme was comfort foods. We had my mom's fried potatoes - which I like to think I enhanced with the introduction of herbes de Provence, fruit salad, bacon, chicken and maple sausage, macaroni and cheese with shallots on top, and an asparagus and mushroom frittata. Once that was devoured we broke out the chocolate chip cookies that I baked yesterday. I'm not sure you if you caught the report or not but it turns out cookies are a welcome accompaniment to mimosas and chocolate milk. I'd be remiss if I didn't note how incredibly AWESOME the older Wagner children were today at keeping the young ones entertained. I'd like to suggest we actually start a small pool of cash the parents bring to each brunch that can be divvied up and distributed to the two yutes to reward them for their hard work. Of course there were pictures...
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Amber said...

I'm still stuffed, 5 hours later. Poor SBs and Gors, they missed a good one.

Megan said...

I second the thought of paying the Wagner children because it was like I didn't have a kid for about two hours. And I don't think Avery could have had anymore fun if we were at Disney World.

Whose turn is it to host next? I can't wait!

Thanks so much for hosting, Christie & Darren. 'twas delicious and lovely.

Snickollet said...

I'm sorry we ended up not coming--on a lark, we went up to Mt. Hood with some friends and played in the snow for the day. Totally fun, but less tasty than your morning.

Hope we can brunch with y'all at some point. In the meantime, looking forward to Yummy dinner in a couple of weeks.