Monday, November 01, 2010

Sunday brunch, part twelve

Yesterday, we hosted brunch. I was totally lazy and did not pick a theme. Bad hostess. But that didn't mean we suffered, at all. Our twelfth brunch included pumpkin cheesecake, applesauce cake, one berry pastry from JaCiva, scrambled eggs, a Swiss cheese quiche, turkey and chicken sausages, banana bread, and bacon. True, we were a little heavy on the sweets but come on it's Halloween! In retrospect I should have baked miniature candy bars into each dish. The night before brunch I came up with the harebrained idea to make little gift bags with a couple pieces of chocolatey goodness to hand out to the kids as an easy way to lessen the amount of candy in our pumpkin, which really is a necessity because there are no trick-or-treaters that come here. We live in a condo building with key-pad locked entryways. Anyway, making those little bastards turned into a nearly four hour ordeal (thank goodness Hen went to bed on time). Of course there were pictures...
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