Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures

I have been taking A LOT of pictures lately. At Avery's birthday I hit the limit on the old memory card and had to delete on site to have enough space to get a shot of her blowing out the candles. Thankfully, I'm getting much better about deleting photos. I whittled the 350+ I took to 40+ and put them up on Flickr. If you would like to see, click here.

Also, Amber and I went on a photography outing to Peacock Lane to practice shooting at night, and so I could use my brand-spanking new tripod! I love it! (Many thanks, Amber!) I did unintentionally sort of almost pull a few strings of lights off fences along the way - whoops! - but I don't think anyone noticed. The entire set is here but these are my favorites.
Shutter 1/8 Aperture f/5.6 ISO 200

Shutter 1 Aperture f/5.0 ISO 200

Shutter 1 Aperture f/4.8 ISO 200

Shutter 0.4 Aperture f/3.8 ISO 100

Shutter .77 Aperture f/5.6 ISO 100

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