Monday, December 27, 2010

Projects for 2011

  • decorate the living room (includes purchasing some sort of shelving, art, a couch, and at least one chair)
  • spackle the walls (lots and lots of holes from previous frames)
  • hire handyman to fix our doors (several are not shutting properly)
  • rearrange the laundry room (and buy crazy new litterbox!)
  • paint the living room wall 
  • investigate feasibility of converting regular cabinets to pull out cabinets
  • buy new bed frame
  • clean out and rearrange storage unit
  • have Darr help me identify and tag the many wires and cords we have in the condo
  • paint the base trim in Hen's room
  • donate everything we can, our condo is too full (sell the rest in a garage sale later in the year)


Dr. A said...

OK, that's january. What's on the list for February?


Leah said...

new couch?! what?! i seem to remember dan and i drooled all over each other while in the presence of your cool couch.