Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sewing class, day one

I use two words to describe our first sewing class - cramped and awesome. We learned SO MUCH! There was a brief introduction by our instructor, Lisa, and then we were off and running. Things I like include the willingness of everyone to learn and wait patiently for help when Lisa is attending to someone else, that we are learning industry standards, the lingo - busting a seam, melding the stitches. Yo, we're so gonna be talkin' like pro sew peoples now! And because I do such things, I took pictures and I'm posting 'em here. Feast your eyes on these bad boys...
5/8" seam, the standard seam allowance

front side of 5/8" seam - Nice, eh?

directional staystitching, used on curved and bias cut edges to keep them from stretching out of shape

clean finish, used to finish the edge of a facing or hem

grading and trimming - grading prevents a distinct ridge from showing on the right side; trimming eliminates bulk in seams and corners

understitching, keeps seam allowances in place and keeps the facing on the back side where it won't be seen

front side of understitching - Seriously gifted, right?

edgestitch and topstitch,  used to reinforce edges, attach pockets, and add a "sporty" feel


Amber said...

Genius! Superb stitchery. I'm excited for next week!

Zozopdx said...

where are y'all taking the class? I really liked Portland sewing over in Hollywood. are you making an apron?

Christie said...

Z - We're taking it at Portland Sewing! They're awesome. I can't speak for everyone else but I'm already considering signing up for the next level. It's totally fun!

Zozopdx said...

yeah--I really wanted to take all three, but hard to get away that much! I wanted to make the robe!!!