Monday, February 28, 2011

Photography fun: The Nikon D700, final day #4

<sigh> I returned the D700 this morning. I am quite taken with the camera. It's not all that surprising because I've been wanting a new camera since everyone and their mothers' grandmothers have been getting 'em. I believe I am getting sharper photos with better color balance when using the D700. It should be noted I employed minimal editing, sometimes only reducing the image size, before throwing the pics online. For example, here's one shot I love of Hen playing in his room:
Shutter 1/160 Aperture f/2.0 ISO 320
I really notice the space that is within the field in focus. (Does that make sense?) Like how his hand, nose, the marble on the ramp and marbles below on the table, and the grain of the wood in that area are all so crisp. In order to get a similar pic with my current camera, I'd need either a different lens or to knock out Hen's wall so I could drop back enough to get all of this in the frame. And I would have to change either the shutter or the aperture since ISO 320 isn't an option on the D40X. 

To be fair, here's an outside shot I would be able (conceivably, at least) to replicate with my camera:
Shutter 1/800 Aperture f/3.2 ISO 200
Click here to see the rest of the photos from that day.

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