Monday, February 21, 2011

Sleepover One: Amelia

We hosted our first kid sleepover on Saturday when Cousin Mia joined us at the condo. The kids play so well together. I'm convinced they sense a familial bond because Hen and Mia play in a way that is different  than the way Hen plays with any of his other friends, including those he sees far more regularly. I had hoped to have them watch Dumbo but technical difficulties (in the form of a 7-hour download time from iTunes (wtf, Apple?)) prevented that so the kids ate some food, enjoyed a bubble bath with much splashing, scootered around, kicked soft balls, and maintained a general level of merriment until bed time. Getting the kids to sleep at a somewhat acceptable hour was achieved by separating the kids (thanks for the tip, Amber!) - Hen went into our room with his pops, and I stayed with Amelia in Hen's room. I read Mia a couple of books, rocked her, and occasionally checked on her until she was asleep. The next morning, the tots had a pre-brunch breakfast and then we headed out to brunch (which will be covered more thoroughly in the following post). Of course, there were pictures...
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