Thursday, February 03, 2011

We Henryized her!

I got to watch Avery for an hour the other day and it occurred to me as we headed outdoors that I had effectively Henryized her. Gone were the cute black patent leather flats all full of bling, replaced by a much more practical pair of green and yellow sneakers perfect for scaling railroad ties along the tracks by our house. (Did I mention we live down by the river?) I also added a handmade blue and green knitted cap for the old noggin' and a bulky brown jacket 'cause it be cold outside. She was then given a soccer ball to carry because one mustn't leave the house without a soccer ball. The ensemble was complete when we found awesome sticks* to ward off the pirates we suspected might be on the trail. It pays to be prepared, ya'll.

*Is it just me or does Avery look like she's thinking, "What the f--k am I holding this stick for?"

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