Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sewing Projects, part three

I had planned on waiting until our next craft night to complete this project but once I bought the fabric I was unable to stop myself from setting up the sewing machine and knocking it out - a do-it-yourself camera strap cover. I ended up making two (one for the old camera and one for the new) because I couldn't decide which fabric to choose when at the fabric store. Admittedly, it takes a good five to ten minutes to get the little sucker on. It's a snug fit and you have to work it over the (faux?) leather that is on the strap. I thought not having the cover tacked down would mean it would slide all over the place but I experienced zero slide issues when I took both cameras out for a spin today. (Side note: I almost forgot how to use the old camera.) I know a few of you out there with Nikon DSLRs, if you want me to make you a strap cover to hide that obnoxious Nikon branding, I'd be happy to do so. Heck, I'd be happy to do so for you Canon folks, too. I just need you to send me the dimensions. And color choices - you should send your color choices and pattern preferences if you have 'em.


Dr. A said...

Sweet!!! When's the Etsy store opening?

Christie said...

Shall we open one together?