Saturday, April 16, 2011

The girls are back in town

Yes, the Thin Lizzy song does play in my head whenever the McMillers visit the condo building house. Folks descended shortly after 10a.m. yesterday morning to hang out for a few hours so the kids could play and we could catch up. Recently made a mama of two, Caroline, also visited with Anneke and one-month old Monsieur Benjamin, who was super accommodating when it came time for picture taking. Speaking of pictures...

Miss E - Hen's first best bud

Miss Robin, practicing the art of smizing.

Miss Anneke did not like my raspberry muffins. At all.

Introducing Monsieur Benjamin

Angle two, because, yes, I moved the blanket to get the light right where I wanted it.

Caught the aftermath of an involuntary baby spasm

He's probably wondering what weird appendage is attached to my face.

No fear of the camera, yet.

Already bored with me. Yawn.

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Zozopdx said...

love it! and I loved the raspberry muffins!!!! beautiful photos!