Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sewing projects, part four

Tonight, I sewed a double-sided picnic blanket and one eel for Hen (his second, the first I made with fabric scraps from my last sewing project), I covered a picture frame with decorative paper, and I made some butter. You read me, butter.

The vinyl was a little tricky to work with but I'm pretty happy with the way the blanket turned out. If you don't look at the stitching too closely, it sort of nearly looks like almost a real blanket. What can I say? I'm still learning. The vinyl side will keep dewdrops off your butt, and the flannel side is both comfortable and, because of the dark color and pattern, less likely to show stains. Both of these are a must in a picnic blanket. The downside is that the blanket can't be washed in a machine, it can only be wiped off. Darr and I have had a similar blanket in the boot of the car for years and use it religiously when the nicer weather arrives. Hopefully, the person I'm sending this to will find it just as useful.

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