Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy birthday!

We celebrated a birthday at the condo today! Someone is now four decades old. He's damn near ancient. Since the old man just restocked* his liquor cabinet and hates gifts, I went easy on him. He got a stack of magazines (Lapham's, The Economist, Bicycling, Dwell) and his choosing of dinner (pasta bolognese) and dessert (German chocolate cake) from me, and he received a Mega-Stretch Snake  (the safe milk snake, not the deadly coral kind) and Instant Winter (a make-your-own-snow package) from Hen. Speaking of snow, he spent the day on the mountain. Ski season has now officially begun for us at the condo.

* Ransom Gin, Veracity Gin, Booker's, C.W. Irwin Bourbon, Eau de Vie of Douglas Fir, Burnside Bourbon, Templeton Rye, Ardbeg Whiskey


betty said...

Happy Birthday!
In hex, that's only 28, so it doesn't sound as bad :)

Darren said...

... and only 14 in base 36. Time to start Algebra!