Saturday, January 04, 2014

The adventures of Frog and Blankie

Cousin Mia was a little upset that Frog and Blankie were left behind at the condo. I want to assure her they are fine. They look forward to seeing her tomorrow.
Frog and Blankie enjoying Fly Guy Presents: Space.

When the children are away, Frog and Blankie will play with the Limennium Falcon*.

Game on! Frog and Blankie discover the joy of Hungry Hippos.

Soaking in the sun whilst checking out the cool Giant Sequoia crystals.

Frog and Blankie creating art.

Frog and Blankie cuddle up to Beauty the wonder dog.

Hanging out with Ellie MacPherson, the cat who lived.

Frog and Blankie and bubbles.

Snack time! Nabbing cookies when no one is looking.


Rachele said...

You are such a fun aunt

Shawn and Becky said...

So cute!