Thursday, February 06, 2014


After dropping Hen off at school and taking Darren to work, I came home and got ready for the guys at Standard TV & Appliance to deliver and install a new dishwasher! 

I received an email and call that advised of an early school closure due to "threatening inclement weather!" I had planned on cleaning out a kitchen cabinet but figured that could wait until Hen wasn't around. Fortunately, I had several Kiwi Crates with projects to keep Hen occupied. It's going to be too cold to spend all our time outside.

I went to get Hen. My normal travel time from the condo to the school is fifteen minutes. (I've drove there in thirteen minutes once.) It took me 45 minutes to get there today. 

And another 30 to get back home.

Time to play in the snow!

And eat the snow!

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Anya said...

What fun!!!! I wish we had some snow over the weekend. The girls would love that. Love your dishwasher. Enjoy!!! I miss the Bosch we had at the condo...