Monday, March 10, 2014

Allergy test

We had Hen's intermittent cough checked out by his doc a few weeks ago and just today had our appointment with an allergist to see if Hen is allergic to anything in the home/environment that could be causing it. The nurse administered the pediatric test since Hen's only symptom is the cough - no watery and irritated eyes, no runny nose, no rashes. This test includes stuff in the home like mold and dust mites and, because we have cats, cat dander, and stuff outside the home like grasses, pollen, etc. These allergens are applied to the skin and monitored for twenty minutes. The test concludes after the skin around the allergen is examined and measured to see if a reaction has occurred, which would indicate an allergy to the specific allergen. This is what it looks like:

Hen did just fine and has no apparent allergies.


Megan said...

Did he have a cold when the cough started? And then the cold cleared up, but the cough just stayed there? I ask because this is what happens with Avery. The doctor thinks it's cold-induced asthma. I had trouble thinking of it as asthma because Avery never has any trouble breathing and this is the ONLY symptom. Anyway, what gets the cough to go away quickly, after the cold has cleared, is taking one 4 mg tablet of montelukast (aka Singular) each night until the cough clears. Before this she'd have a cough go on FOREVER with no other problems. Just a thought since it sounds similar to Av's cough. :)

Christie said...

I don't remember if Hen had the cold first or the cough first. The allergist tested Hen for asthma. After the hit of Albuterol, Hen's lung function decreased. The doc quickly explained that that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with Hen's lungs but given the results of the testing and his physicality with little to no wheezing when active, he concluded Hen doesn't have asthma. Also, the fluid behind Hen's eardrums seemed to be a possible reason - if there's poor drainage then that could be the reason for the cough. I'm supposed to go back to our regular doc in four to six weeks to have his ears checked out again. If there's still fluid, I assume more will be done then to try and figure out why.